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Tooth Extractions Performed in Durham, NC

Photograph of dentist performing tooth extractions, Durham, NC

Once your permanent teeth come in you just expect that you’ll have them forever. But sometimes issues arise and the best approach is to have the tooth removed. Our general dentist Dr. Theodros Abraha and the team at Abraha Family Dentistry may recommend having a tooth removed due to crowding, an infection, or an injury. Many times if a problem is detected early enough a tooth can be filled or a crown can be placed over it after the tooth has been treated to fully restore it; however, there are cases in which a tooth extraction is the best way to preserve the health of your smile.

Do I Need a Tooth Extracted?

This is something that you’ll need to discuss with our dentist. While there is absolutely no reason to ever remove a perfectly healthy tooth, when disease, injury, or a problem arises, sometimes a tooth extraction is the only option. This is often the case for someone who has experienced dramatic bone loss due to advanced gum disease. When this happens, teeth no longer have the support they need and become loose (and eventually fall out). When this happens, we may not be able to save the teeth.

Are My Wisdom Teeth a Problem?

Wisdom teeth (more specifically, impacted wisdom teeth) are the most common reason why people turn to our dental team for tooth extractions. Wisdom teeth often need to be removed because they grow in at an awkward angle or they become impacted (which means that they only partially erupt through the gums). This can increase your risk for infections, cavities, gum disease, and even damaged teeth. The good news is that you don’t need these teeth to have a healthy smile, so it’s often easier just to remove them before problems occur.

What is Involved in a Tooth Extraction?

Teeth that have fully erupted gums can easily be removed with a simple extraction. The area to be treated will be numbed before we painlessly and quickly remove the tooth with forceps.

Impacted teeth such as wisdom teeth require a more extensive surgical extraction. This involves going under the gum tissue and even possibly removing some bone. Severely fractured teeth may also require a surgical extraction if the damage is significant enough.

Whether you need a tooth extraction or just a dental cleaning, know that you can get the individualized, compassionate care you’re looking for from our very own Dr. Abraha. To find out if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, call Abraha Family Dentistry at (919) 294-4234 to schedule a consultation with our team.

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